• School begins at 9.20am. Classes finish for junior and senior infants at 2pm. The school day finishes for the remainder of the school at 3pm.

             Morning break is from 11-11.10am

             Lunch break is from 12.30 -1pm.

  • Uniform: It is school policy that every pupil wears the prescribed uniform(i.e: grey trousers or skirt , grey shirt, wine jumper, wine tie) A tracksuit in the school colours may be worn on P.E. day.
  • Notes: Written explanations / requests from parents or guardians are required for:

             (a) Absences

             (b) Pupils arriving later than 9.20am

             (c) Permission to leave the school premises during school hours.

             (d) Permission to stay indoors during breaks.

             (e) Reason for not wearing all/ part of the school uniform.

Notes should be furnished to the teacher on arrival in school.

  • Healthy lunches: As part of our healthy eating policy we encourage the children to have healthy lunch.As part of the policy we do not allow chewing gum,sweets of any kind, fizzy drinks or crisps.


  • Home work: Parents are asked to check his /her child’s homework nightly and sign the homework diary.Any note or comment from the teacher should receive immediate attention.


  • Presentation:Books and copies should be kept tidy and clean at all times.School books and school property must be treated with the utmost care.All text books  should be suitably covered.Written work in copies and school books including  homework should be presented neatly.School bags should be checked and tidied out every weekend.Provision is made for books not being used for homework to be left in school.


  • Behaviour:Pupils are expected to follow the school Code of Behaviour at all times. i.e Show respect for themselves, others and school property. Any issues in this regard are dealt with according to the schools Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy.


  • Parent /Teacher contact:Parents are welcome to call and discuss their child’s progress with the principal or class teacher.However, it would be necessary to give advance notice to the teacher concerned, by making an appointment.


School Rules Rhyme

School will start at twenty past nine.

So try your best to be on time.


Wear your uniform to school each day

Hands clean, hair tidy, that’s the way.


Walk quietly in single file,

Down the corridor, that’s the style.


Have all you need for class each day,

Do your best in every way.


Work together as a team,

To keep the school and classrooms clean.


Good manners matter every day,

So be polite in all you say.


If you’ve a problem and don’t know what to do,

Just ask a teacher, they’re always there for you.


Do your homework every night,

Try your best to get it right.