Literacy Plan

Summary of main strengths as identified in last SSE report (June 2013)
  • Pupils are performing above the national norm in English
  • 95% of pupils reported to like Reading.
  • 91% of parents report that their children like English.
  • 77% of parents report that they know their child’s strengths in English.
  • All teachers reported that their pupils enjoyed English and all teachers reported that they are happy with how the school approaches the teaching of reading.


Summary of main areas requiring improvement 
  • Attainment of curriculum objectives – Oral language development
Improvement Targets 1.To establish and maintain a formal framework of assessment profiles in oral language for each pupil. 2.Set up focus groups throughout the school for discreet oral language lessons 3.Establish and implement an oral language plan specific to the needs of each group based on the baseline evidence from Drumcondra profiles.
Monitor and Review This is a 3 year plan and will be reviewed at the end of each school year 2014, 2015, 2016.