Literacy Report

Summary of School Self-evaluation Report



  1. Introduction


1.1    The focus of the evaluation


A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Literacy was undertaken during the period January 2013 to April 2013.  During the evaluation teaching and learning across the whole school was evaluated.


This is a report on the finding of the evaluation

1.2    School context


  • This is mixed rural primary school with a Catholic ethos.
  • There are currently 59 pupils with increasing numbers at the Infant level in the short to medium term.
  • There are 5 teachers (3 class teachers including 1 teaching principal, 1 full-time (15hrs) shared learning support and 1 full-time (11.05 hrs) shared resource teacher.
  • The school administers standardised tests in English reading, English spelling, Mathematics and Gaeilge from 1st to 6th classes in summer term each year.


  1. The Findings


  • Pupils are performing well above the national norm in English
  • Parents and pupils have expressed general satisfaction with performance of the school in relation to all areas of the English curriculum.
  • Teachers are happy with how we teach pupils to read.
  • It was noted that in the Drumcondra Reading Test that scores in Comprehension were generally stronger than the Vocabulary scores as children progress through the school.


  1. Progress made on previously identified targets identified in the current SIP

N/A for year one as SIP not in place yet.


  1. Summary of school self-evaluation findings


4.1    Our school has strengths in the following areas:

  • Pupils are performing above the national norm in English
  • 95% of pupils reported to like Reading.
  • 91% of parents report that their children like English.
  • 77% of parents report that they know their child’s strengths in English.
  • All teachers reported that their pupils enjoyed English and all teachers reported that they are happy with how the school approaches the teaching of reading.


4.2    The following areas are prioritised for improvement:

  • Further development of Oral Language strategies.