Organic Garden-New!!


We are so excited to announce that we are starting to create an organic garden here at the school.The first of our raised beds have arrived this morning and we are so grateful to parent Liam Mc Carron and his father(Liam) for giving their time so generously in making up and transporting these raised beds.We will add more photos as the garden takes shape and the pupils just CANNOT wait to get out and start growing their produce.We aim to grow herbs, veg and some fruit.Thanks to all who offered to help and we may need other help in the months to come!

DSC00629DSC00630 DSC00633 DSC00632 DSC00631


Liam and his father have now completed both raised beds and lined them with plastic so the moisure doesn’t soak into the wood.They have done a fantastic job and we are soooo pleased!!!We are now waiting on topsoil to arrive and we will begin filling them and mixing in the compost.

DSC00719 DSC00720

Meanwhile, we are busy transplanting herbs and growing seeds in the school ready for planting in the beds. So far, we have parsley, chives, mint,thyme,rosemary,cabbage, shallots and lettuce and we intend to add loads more!

DSC00723 DSC00724 DSC00722


20th April 2015

We are delighted to say that preparation of soil and planting took place in our new organic garden on Friday! Each classroom has been assigned an area to look after. The children thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors and working in the garden.We planted cabbage, onions,lettuce, herbs, strawberry baskets and tomatoes.

You can follow our progress in the coming weeks as we transplant seedlings,learning how to weed, water and nurture our produce through to harvesting.

Thanks again to Liam McCarron and his father Liam for making the raised beds for us and to Marie(SNA) and her husband Brian for sourcing the topsoil and putting it in the beds over Easter.We are very grateful for all the help and time given to this lovely new project.




Finally we are starting to see some growth in the vegetable beds.The weather has been so bad lately that growth has been very very slow.But hopefully the weather will improve soon and we can get out and do some weeding!

DSC00346 DSC00345