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June 19th 2017


We have just received our very first Active School Flag for the school. We have been working on achieving our Active School Flag for a number of years and are delighted to have finally received it!! A huge well done to our active school committee who are very much involved in making sure our school community are always active. A special mention to Bevin and Calum who have put in a lot of extra work outside of our meetings. Well done. We look forward to getting our flag up in the next school year.



A Message from the Student Council:

Hi everyone,

Here is an update of all the active things going on in our school at present.

The first thing we do every single morning from ten past nine to twenty past nine is Wake-Up-Shake-Up. We do lots of different exercises to music and we all really enjoy it!

We have playground leaders that play games with the junior room at small break every Tuesday and Thursday. We bring P.E equipment out to the yard every day. We bring out skipping ropes, hula- hoops, tennis rackets etc

Another thing we do that is very active is the Run Around Europe Challenge. By Halloween we hope to have ran 597 kilometres, which is from Dublin to London. Every Friday we take part in Active Fridays.  Our student council set up four different active activities on the yard. For the last five weeks we have been going swimming to Templemore Sports Complex. We have one more week left, we are all really enjoying it and everyone has improved so much! We have purchased new P.E equipment like new skipping ropes etc.

We have some very exciting news!!! Micheal Murphy is coming to raise our Active Flag on the 26th of October. It is a non- uniform day. You can wear the clothes that you wear to any active activities that you do outside of school.


Congratulations to all our swimmers who completed a 6 week course and got their certificates from Templemore Sports Complex yesterday.


We had a fantastic morning with our special guest Michael Murphy, who raised our Active School Flag!

Michael took time out of his busy schedule to talk to each class in the school and signed plenty of autographs.

The children gave a demonstration of some of their activities.Michael was amazed and delighted to see such a range.

We thank him for coming to Drumfries and wish him well representing Ireland in Australia in the next few weeks.